September 4, 2012

Angry Bison Charges at Kids

In a recent online video, a small group of US kids and children were really scared when they come face to face with an easy tempered bison in Yellowstone National Park.  They began taking pictures of the bison as it, without a cue, began to charge at them.  Luckily the boys fled fast enough to get away from the large creature but came within yards of the enormous creature.

At one point, a man from behind the camera (possibly the camera man) says, "Go walk right up to him."  Then the man says, "See him gesturing, see his head movements saying 'I will get you, I will get you'."  The chamber later wrote, "This group has no idea how incredibly lucky they were that no one was injured or killed."  Also said, "Yellowstone is an incredible place that allows us all to experience wildlife in a way that can you can nowhere in the world. But it is also a place where safety rules, regarding wildlife and thermal features are so important to follow."

This goes to show you that anything can happen in these American parks.  Be careful when you are out in the wild taking pictures of large wildlife such as the buffalo bison.

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